Pallet Recycling

In today’s environment there is a large focus on recycling. Companies across the country are working to eliminate their waste from going to landfill locations. J and R Pallet Recycling Ltd. is proud to be part of the solution. We design pallets to be reusable and returnable in order to extend their use and when pallets are damaged, we repair them and put them back into circulation. When pallets can no longer be repaired to the industry standard, they are recycled into different subsequent useful products such as boiler fuel, landscape mulch, animal bedding etc. Nothing is sent to the landfill.

New and Custom-sized Pallets

We offer a wide range of new pallets and skids to satisfy your shipping requirements. We manufacture new product from 24”x24” to 144”x45” and additional sizes in between. To allow you to maximize your warehouse space we keep inventory on hand for customers taking truckload quantities on a regular basis. Click here to find out more about our range of new and custom pallets.

PDS Pallet Design

PDS Specification Sample Sheet

PDS Specification Sample Sheet

The PDS System is an engineering tool for wooden pallets and skids that introduces standard design procedures to determine the structural adequacy and expected performance of wood pallets of various species, grades, designs, and constructions.

PDS allows us to work with our customers to determine maximum load weight for a variety of wood species and to provide CAD drawings and performance characteristics for each pallet. These factors allow us to design a durable pallet that will enable your product to be shipped safely and reduce your costs significantly.

Pallet Removal

The recycling stream starts here. We can arrange to pick up your surplus pallets and bring them to our plant where they are sorted into various categories: directly into inventory, to be repaired or to be dismantled for parts.

We can also set up a Repair and Return program where we can sort your own pallets for reuse, repair them and return them to you at a cost lower than a new pallet.

Purchase of Used Pallets

We purchase various types of used and surplus pallets for reconditioning and resale. Contact us for more information regarding the possible sale of your pallets.