New Pallets

While we do manufacture standard pallets such as 48×40, 48×45, 48×48 and 42×42, we mainly manufacture custom-sized pallets. The sizes vary as do the quantities, specifications and materials. We upgrade our equipment on a regular basis and specially train our employees to work on small run orders. These small quantity and precision-designed pallets are hand assembled. Pallets can be 2-way, 4-way, blocked style, flush style, wing, lumber parts and plywood deck, stenciled and banded. See our photo gallery of new pallets.

Recycled Pallets

Our Pallet Recycling Program begins when we receive or trailer load of mixed size pallets from one of our numerous sources. They are unloaded and sorted to be converted to our three types of recycled pallets:

  • Reconditioned Pallets are pallets we receive and immediately repair, and put into inventory for resale. We have 20 sizes and specifications that we stock.
  • Re-manufactured Pallets: Pallets, that are not suitable for reconditioning, are sorted and then sent through our pallet dismantling machine where we recover the material. That material is cut to specific sizes and made into custom sizes for our customers at prices cheaper than new.
  • Combo Pallets are pallets that are made with new and recycled parts. These are a higher quality pallet that deliver the same performance at significant savings to new.

See our photo gallery of recycled pallets

Certified Pallets

Shipping your products around the world has become harder as many countries have instituted regulations to prevent harmful pests from entering their borders where they can cause devastation to forests and the environment. ISPM Is the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) No. 15 that has been established to help stop pest infestations around the world. We are a licensed manufacturer of wooden pallets and crates that can safely be shipped worldwide. More information on ISPM 15 certification and regulations…

See our photo gallery of heat treated pallets


We manufacture custom made crates for a variety of industrial uses, such as automotive parts, manufactured items, etc. We can manufacture with both new or recycled material based on the end destination. Also, we have recycled crates in inventory from time to time. They vary in size and construction and are manufactured from either wood or plywood.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are an alternative to our wood pallets for export purposes. They are accepted world wide, without question. All our plastic pallets are recycled and available in a variety of standard and custom sizes. Please call for more information.

Cut-to-Size Lumber

We provide many of our customers with various sizes of lumber to meet their shipping requirements. We have recycled, green and heat treated material available.